Stormtrooper Corps Specialization

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Barring typos or serious difficulties in implementation, these will be the sheets we release. Notice that there are now "sub-specialites"; basically specific skill identifiers that will better narrow down what you can do as a trooper in a particular field. In addition, you will notice (#w) entries next to headings. This signifies the amount of time (in weeks) that it will take to complete the training regimen.

Basically this is how it works. First you choose a specialty and MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) for further definition. Training in time increments (by week) will be used to accomplish this learning process. For example, if you are a Vehicle Crewman and want to train on Walker-type vehicles, you will have to spend the time allotted for that training on non-competition/mission time. Granted it is not perfect, but we will hopefully work out the bugs as we implement the system.

Basic Levels
Combat Engineer
Communications Technician
Heavy Weapons Specialist
Vehicle Crewman

Advanced Levels

Special Forces

Just a few guidelines as we are working on the final rules to live by on this.

Each trooper requests a specialty to his/her squad leader, who then tries to adapt that to the overall squad mission. If you really want to do something that doesn't fit in with the squad mission, we will consider transfers on a case by case basis.

In each specialty, you will find different MOS designations. This is mostly geared to help you decide what to choose as advanced training courses (the basic skills are mandatory for the specialty). Each trooper can have one active Primary MOS. As time goes on, you can opt to dump that MOS in lieu of another one that better suits you. Also, after a certain length of time served, a trooper can opt to choose a Secondary MOS (which may or may not be in the same specialty as you can change those as well - though it won't be as easy).

Basically, everyone will theoretically start out as an 11B when the join the Corps. In fact, this will be the way it goes from here on out. Once you join a squad, you will do so with a recommended list of the top two specialties you would like (basically, you can't get out of Drill squad without these picks). If applicable, the accepting squad leader will try to fit that in.

Hope this helps.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files, you can obtain the program here.